To undertake any feasibility studies and other activities leading to the development of a power project, a developer has to apply for a permit. Application for a permit is done through submission of a completed Notice of Intended Application (NIA) – the template is available here;

Timelines for Processing a Notice of Intended Application

A Notice of Intended Application is processed with in three (03) months from the date of receipt of the application. This encompasses the following:-

  • Document deficiency assessment and preparation for publication of the NIA in the National Gazette and a Newspaper of wide circulation. This takes a maximum of Two (02) weeks.
  • Actual publication of the Notice of Intended Application in the National Gazette and a Newspaper of wide circulation for a statutory period of thirty (30) days in order to invite comments from directly affected parties and public agencies;
  • The Authority considers the NIA taking into consideration any representations and or rejections raised in respect of the publication of the NIA.

Requirements of Notice of Intended Application
The NIA form must be accompanied by the following documents:-

Administrative Information

  1. Three hard copies and one soft copy of the application, filled-in and duly signed (on the prescribed NIA form together with all the supporting documentation.
  2. A Letter from the developer's main Bank with details of relationship;
  3. Proof of payment of the application fee [USD 3,000] (License Fees Regulation);
  4. Feasibility study implementation time plan (using Gantt chart format provided. [Gantt chart formats: Hydro; Bagasse; Biomass]);
  5. Declaration of intent between project partners to cooperate during the feasibility stage (using the Declaration Intent letter format);
  6. Documentary evidence of contacts/consultations with local authorities
  7. Financial Model with data of the Applicant and partners and for the project (using the Financial model Template)

Technical Information

  1. Capability statement of Applicant/s to undertake the proposed project;
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CVs) of key team members (using the CV format template provided);
  3. Terms of Reference of the key team members;
  4. Project references of Applicant/s in the project reference format provided;
  5. Prefeasibility study including environmental and social scoping report (See prefeasibility study report guide and environmental and social impact assessment guide);
  6. Map(s) of project area (1:50,000);
  7. Map with access roads;
  8. Tentative project layout map/plan;

Legal Requirements for Ltd Companies

For Private Sector Applicants, the developer requires the following:

  1. Certified copies of Certificates of Incorporation or Certificate of Registration for foreign companies;
  2. Certified copies of the applicant’s Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  3. Certified copy of Form No. 7 (particulars of Directors and Secretary of the Company);
  4. Certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the applicant’s technical partner;
  5. Certified copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the financial partner/sponsor;
  6. Certified copies of registered documents with Registrar of companies at submission;
  7. Memorandum of Understanding between the applicant and the technical partner(s);
  8. Company structure and ownership;
  9. Certified Audited Financial Statements of the applicant and all partners for the last three years;

Legal requirement for NGOS and CBOS:

  1. Certified copies of the Certificates of Registration;
  2. Certified copy of the Constitution;
  3. Certified copy of the partners’ Memorandum of Understanding / Declaration of Intent to cooperate;
  4. Certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the applicant’s technical partner;
  5. Certified copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the financial partner/sponsor;

Award of Permit
The decision of the Authority on the permit application is communicated within 48 hours from the date of the Authority meeting. Where an award of the permit is granted, it is subjected to the following requirements which have to be fulfilled within 14 days from the date of notification:-

  1. Posting of Performance Bond; and,
  2. Submission of a revised feasibility study implementation time plan.

Obligations of a feasibility Permit Holder

Upon issuance of a permit to an intending developer, the developer shall conduct studies and provide ERA with evidence of progress using the provided template (Permit quarterly progress report template).  A template is provided for each technology as listed below:-

  1. Permit quarterly progress report template – small hydro;
  2. Permit quarterly progress report template – biomass;
  3. Permit quarterly progress report template – bagasse;

Feasibility study templates

In preparing the feasibility study reports, developers are expected to use the standard templates listed below:-

  1. Feasibility study template – small hydropower;
  2. Feasibility study template – biomass;
  3. Feasibility study template – bagasse;
  4. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment template;
  5. Resettlement Action Plan template;
  6. Stakeholder Engagement Plan;
  7. Business plan template;
  8. Financing Model;
  9. Standardized PPA for Hydro;
  10. Standardized PPA for Bagasse; and,
  11. Standardized PPA for Biomass.