Office of the Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Office is responsible and accountable for the performance of ERA as a whole.  The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is the Chief Representative and Spokesperson of the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) on all technical and operational matters. The office ensures that ERA functions efficiently and effectively in realizing its Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives.
The Chief Executive Office also develops resource mobilization strategies, programs and works in liaison with Development Partners and Government for purposes of maintaining good relations and working arrangements in the interest of the Authority.

Human Resource and Administration

The Human Resources and Administration Unit is under the Chief Executive Office. It is responsible for implementing the Vision of the Electricity Regulatory Authority through a competent, versatile, and high-performing workforce that operates across disciplines to fulfil the Authority’s mandate in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
The Human Resources and Administration Unit plays a strategic role of developing and implementing Human Resource and Administrative policies, procedures, systems, structures and culture aimed at attracting, developing and retaining highly motivated staff. It provides advice, monitors performance and develops the skills and potential of staff in line with the mandate of the Authority. 
Procurement and Disposal Unit
The Procurement and Disposal Unit is under the ChiefExecutive Office. It is responsible for planning and managing all ERA procurements and disposal activities. It is also responsible for recommending to ERA the procurement and disposal procedures, prepare bids and advertisements for bid opportunities, issue bidding documents and ensuring value for money in all ERA procurement and deposal processes, in compliance with the PPDA Act and regulations.
Consumer and Public Affairs Department 
The Consumer and Public Affairs Department is responsible for communication, public relations and coordinating with external stakeholders on electricity sector matters including fostering and promotion of regional cooperation in electricity regulatory matters. The Department is also charged with effective management of consumer issues in the electricity sector.
Economic Regulation
The Department of Economic Regulation is charged with developing and controlling the implementation of policy, procedures and standards for pricing and tariffs. It is also responsible for determining appropriate tariff structures and pricing levels for electricity suppliers and evaluates the efficiency of their financial operations. The Department oversees sector planning activities in the short, medium and long term.
The Economic Regulation Department is also answerable for the development of benchmarks for generation as well as policy formulation initiatives and for collecting and analysing economic data relevant to the regulatory framework.
As part of its mandate, the Economic Regulation Department also manages the ERA Regulatory Data Base, provides general economic information for sector regulation and spearheads/conducts research on topical issues in the economy in general and the electricity sector in particular.
Technical Regulation
The Department of Technical Regulation is responsible for developing technical aspects of electricity regulation with particular emphasis on safety, security, quality of supply, and the development and implementation of technical guidelines and codes.
The Department contributes to wider aspects of regulatory policy development, including the relationship between economic regulation and technical aspects of system development and operation.
The Department also monitors investments in new projects, implementation progress and advises ERA on demand and supply issues.

Legal and Authority Affairs Department

The Legal and Authority Affairs Department oversees the management and coordination of the legal services for ERA, supports the legal regulatory process, monitors licensee operations and works in liaison with the Consumer and Public Affairs Department staff to enforce legal compliance of all licensees. The Department also co-ordinates Board programs including providing secretarial services during meetings.

Financial and Administrative Services

The Financial Services Department manages ERA’s Finances to achieve optimal organisational performance and also provides financial compliance supervision to licensed companies.
It also initiates, develops and implements policies, strategies and procedures for the ERA’s internal financial management and provides general financial information for the sector tariff regulation. The Department is also responsible for strategic planning and operational support and advises the Authority by overseeing the development, implementation and monitoring of the Authority’s Strategic and Business Plans.