A consumer (user) of electricity has a right to:

  1. Access electricity of good quality.
  2. Receive an itemized bill at least once in three months, indicating the units consumed, service charges and other charges.
  3. Timely receipt of bills.
  4. Raise a complaint concerning their bill, meter, etc.
  5. Have accurate meters installed at their premises for the billing of all electricity consumed.
  6. Receive information concerning power outages or other power supply interruptions that might affect them.
  7. Complain to ERA if their electricity complaint is not resolved by their distribution company.

Obligations of Electricity Consumers

  1. A consumer (user) of electricity has an obligation to:
  2. Promptly pay for the electricity that they use.
  3. Use ERA-certified wiremen for installing electricity at their homes or premises.
  4. Use electricity safely in order to avoid accidents or death.
  5. Report broken wires, spoilt transformers, loose connections and other dangerous items/situations to the distribution company.
  6. Report cases of power theft to the distribution company.