Purchases, Sales and Losses of Umeme Limited

Umeme is the leading distribution company in Uganda, selling about 98% of the total energy to the end-users. Umeme’s energy purchases and sales increased by 1% in the FY2019/20, as compared to 8% observed in the FY2017/18 and FY2018/19. The drop-in growth rate in Umeme’s energy sales in FY2019/2020 was mainly due to a fall in energy consumption of majorly the commercial and medium industrial customer categories, due to the effects of Covid-19.  Download Detailed Statistics Here


During the FY2019/20, Umeme’s energy sales were majorly to the Large and extra-large industrial customers, both customer categories constituting 52% of the total energy sales while the sales to medium industrial, commercial and domestic customers constituted 15%, 11% and 22%.

Clearly, figure below shows a drop in the percentage share of medium industrial and commercial customers in the FY2019/20 as compared to the previous years, as this customer category was the most affected by the effects of Covid-19. Whereas the sales to extra-large industrial customers and domestic customers increased by 8% and 7% respectively in 2019/20 as compared to 2018/19; sales to commercial and medium industrial customers dropped by 8% and 7% respectively over the same time period.

Umeme Distribution Losses

Umeme recorded a 0.1% improvement in the distribution losses in FY2019/20 compared to FY 2018/2019. The high distribution losses during the period are partly due to constrained inspections of the network to minimize commercial losses following the Covid-19 lockdown.