In April 2016, the Electricity Regulatory Authority with support from the GETFIT program, contracted MS. Intec GOPA –international Energy Consultants to develop the standardized Interconnection Code and Wheeling Agreement templates, including the applicable methodology for determination of wheeling charges.

Following the finalization of consultations with stakeholders in Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) with respect to the draft Wheeling Agreements and Interconnection Code, the Authority at its 284th meeting held on 8th September 2017, approved and adopted the documents for execution by all licensees in the ESI that are involved in energy wheeling and network interconnection.

Pursuant to the foregoing, ERA has issued Directive No. 004/2017 – ‘Interconnection Code and Standard Wheeling Agreementsrequiring all licences to adopt and implement the following approved Wheeling Agreements and Interconnection Code.