In light of the above, ERA envisages potential power evacuation and grid stability challenges resulting from the intermittent nature of solar PV plants. Therefore, in order to mitigate the above-mentioned foreseeable challenges and to guide the Licensing process, a comprehensive grid stability study to determine the maximum immediate and near future (5 years) amount of solar PV generation capacity that can be accommodated by the National Grid is currently being undertaken by the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL).

The general public is hereby requested to TAKE NOTE that the Electricity Regulatory Authority has deferred the receipt of unsolicited bids until such a time when the above mentioned study is completed. It is expected that the study results shall form the basis for further Licensing of grid-connected solar PV projects.

This notice only applies to grid-connected solar PV projects.  Unsolicited applications are welcome for all other Renewable Energy technologies as well as island grid solar installations.