On Friday 19th October 2018, the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) held a Public Hearing in respect of Applications for License by RAREH Simu Limited and RAREH Sisi Hydropower Limited for the Generation and Sale of 9.5 MW and 7.1 MW of Electricity from Rivers Simu and Sisi, respectively.

The Public Hearing , held at Bulambuli District Headquarters, was attended by among others; the Bulambuli District LCV Vice Chairperson, Councilors, LCI Chairpersons of the villages affected by the two Projects and over 500 Project Affected Persons.

ERA held the Public Hearing to receive views from the Project Affected Persons in respect to the establishment of the two Projects.

The Bulambuli District LCV Vice Chairperson, Mr. Wamai Siraj, commended the Developers for the Projects and requested the Project Affected Persons for their support towards the Projects for Economic Development.

The ERA Director for Technical Regulation, Dr. Richard Okou, who presided over the Public Hearing representing the Chief Executive Officer, informed the Project Affected Persons that the Authority would consider their views before arriving at a decision on the two Applications for License. The Project Affected Persons applauded and welcomed the Project.