The Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) on 16th August 2019 held a Public Hearing in respect to an Application for Modification of the Supply of Electricity License Number 048, issued to Umeme Limited, to provide for new Performance Targets.

The ERA Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Ziria Tibalwa Waako, who presided over the Public Hearing informed participants that ERA had held the Public Hearing to give an opportunity to electricity consumers to provide views in respect to the review of Umeme Limited’s Performance Parameters.

She noted that the views from stakeholders and Umeme Limited presented at the Hearing would be scrutinized by the Authority before arriving at a decision in respect to the Application.

Stakeholders at the Hearing expressed the need for Quality and Reliable Electricity Supply, and reduced costs of electricity connection and Tariffs.

The Public Hearing held at the Imperial Royale Hotel Kampala was attended by different stakeholders, including Officials from the Office of the President, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, National Planning Authority, Umeme Limited, Electricity Consumer Groups, and the Media.  

The Authority on 7th May 2019 received an Application from Umeme Limited for modification of their Performance Parameters/Targets which are; the Overall Distribution Loss Factor; the Net Operating Costs; the Target Un-Collected Debt Factor and the Minimum New Customer Connection Targets.

According to Umeme Limited, the modification is intended to enable the Company to cater for safety of the electricity consumers, implementation of the Electricity Connections Policy, Quality of Service and Reliability of Power Supply, Energy Loss Reduction, Revenue collection and Staff development.