On 23rd April 2021, the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) launched Regional Trainings for PawaKapos (Certified Electricians) at the Nakawa Vocational Training Institute.

Officiating at the launch of the Trainings, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Hon. Kimono Kitutu Goretti Mary, noted that Universal Access to Clean Energy was at the heart of the Government of Uganda, with several Programs being implemented, including Rural Electrification, and in particular the Electricity Connections Policy launched in 2018, to grow Annual Electricity connections from 160,000 to 300,000.

The Minister further added that without a doubt, Certified Electricians code-named “PawaKapos” were pivotal to achieving the Government Program of Accelerated Access to Clean Energy.

The Hon. Minister appealed to the trainers; “The Assessment and Skilling Center – TASC” to offer high-quality training to ensure enhanced safety of the wired premises, the consumers served and the public at large.

Addressing stakeholders at the same event, the ERA Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Ziria Tibalwa Waako, noted that the PawaKapo trainings target to grow the number of Certified Electricians of Permit Classes D and C from 1,300 to 3,000. 

The trainings worth 2.1 Billion Uganda Shillings are part of the PawaKapo Campaign which was launched by ERA in 2019, supported by the World Bank, through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, under Phase 3 of the Energy for Rural Transformation (ERT) Program.

The trainings will be undertaken by Seven (7) Training Institutes across the Country. These are Nakawa Vocational Training College, Uganda Technical College Lira, Rukungiri Technical Institute, Uganda Technical College Bushenyi, Arua Technical Institute, Uganda Technical College Elgon and Uganda Technical College Kyema in Masindi District. So far, 50 (Fifty) PawaKapos have been trained at Nakawa Vocational Training Institute, interviewed, and Certified by ERA.

Various stakeholders attended the launch, including the Distribution Licensees, the Trainees, Principals of Training Institutes, and representatives of TASC.

About the PawaKapo Program

The PawaKapo campaign  gives an identity to Certified Electriccians that are authorized by the Electricity Regulatory Authority to undertake Electrical Installations or extensions to existing installations, as provided for by Section 88 of the Electricity Act, 1999.

The campaign is part of a wider program funded by the World Bank under Phase 3 of the Energy for Rural Transformation Program. It targets to increase the number of Certified Electricians from 2,700 to 4,000; and to encourage Electricity Consumers to utilize services of Certified Electricians to ensure safety of life and property and to empower the public to make informed decisions on Electrical Installations.

The campaign will leverage technology to make Electrical Wiring services more accessible to the Electricity Consumers through a Mobile Telephone Application through which the names of all the Electricians Certified by the Electricity Regulatory Authority to carry out Electricity Installations across the Country will be uploaded for easy access by the public.