Between the 18th and 20th of February 2022, Members of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee of Parliament, the Board and Management of the Electricity Regulatory Authority conducted a Field Inspection of Electricity Installations in Northern and Eastern Uganda. The Inspection led by the Minister of State for Energy, Hon. Sidronius Opolot Okaasai aimed at updating the Members of Parliament on key developments in the Electricity Supply Industry ahead of the debate on the Electricity Act amendment Bill.

The Installations inspected by the Committee included the Kawanda Substation, the 600 MW Karuma Hydropower Project, the Karuma-Lira Transmission line, the Opuyo Substation, the 10 MW Access Solar Power Plant in Soroti District, and the Mbale Mobile Transmission Substation.

During the Inspection, the Members of Parliament expressed appreciation for the progress at the toured Installations, noting that vandalism of Electricity Infrastructure is among the industry's main challenges that needs urgent attention to avoid losing billions of shillings impact the Electricity Consumers through the Tariffs.

They further noted that strict measures such as solid punishments need to be introduced through the amendment of the Electricity Act to curb the vandalism vice; otherwise, it would undoubtedly compromise Uganda's agenda of ensuring Access to Clean, Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable, and Modern Energy for all by 2030. The Parliamentary Committee Chairperson, Dr. Emmanuel Otaala, noted that the culprits of vandalism need to be treated as economic saboteurs.

The Members of Parliament pledged their support towards ensuring a Reliable and Affordable Electricity Supply for Socio-Economic Transformation. 

The ERA Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Ziria Tibalwa Waako, noted that it was necessary to organize the Inspection for the Honourable Members of Parliament to appreciate the operations of the Electricity Supply Industry.