Between the 14th and 18th of March 2022, the Installation Permits Committee of the Electricity Regulatory Authority trained and equipped Electricians in the West Nile Region with skills in Electrical Installation to empower them to execute Electrical Installation Works legally and professionally.

The Committee trained and equipped the Electricians with skills on electrical installations with an objective of creating among them an in-depth understanding of ERA’s Mandate, particularly the Certification Process of Electricians operating in Uganda’s Electricity Supply Industry.

The Electricians were also sensitized on safety while executing electrical installation works, earthing, sizing, and how to identify quality electrical installation materials.

The Committee conducted Interviews for the different Electrical Installation Permit Classes - A, B, C, and Z ahead of certification for the qualifying Electricians, as required by the Electricity Act of 1999.

According to the Act, any Electrician who executes electrical installation without certification commits a crime, and a person who contracts an uncertified Electrician to carry out electrical installation commits a crime and is liable to punishment.

The Committee also sensitiz.ed the general public about the dangers of contracting uncertified Electricians, commonly knowns as Kamyufus, including loss of lives and property. The public was encouraged to report all the Kamyufus in the area to ERA.

The Electricians and the general public appreciated the Installations Permits Committee and ERA for reaching out to the West Nile Region. They requested the Authority to open up Regional Offices in the Country, including West Nile.