The Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) has approved the New Electricity End-User Tariffs to be charged by Umeme Limited for the supply of Electrical Energy in the Billing Period from April to June 2022, with a reduction of Tariffs for Consumers under the Commercial and Medium Industrial Categories.

The New Tariff schedule indicates that Commercial Consumers will pay UGX 580.6 from UGX 597.2, and Medium Industrial Consumers will pay UGX 439.1 from UGX 472.9 per Unit of Electricity consumed.

The schedule also indicates that Tariffs for the rest of the Consumer Categories, including Domestic, Large Industrial, Extra-Large Industrial and Street Lighting consumers remain unchanged.

Domestic Consumers will continue to pay UGX 250 for the First 15 Units under the Lifeline Tariff, and after that, pay UGX 747.5 for each of the next Units purchased. Large Industrial Consumers will pay UGX 355.0, Extra Large Consumers will pay UGX 300.2 and Street lighting Consumers will pay UGX. 370.0 per Unit.

The approved Electricity End-User Tariffs represent a Weighted Average Reduction of 1.4 per cent, relative to the Tariffs of the First Quarter of 2022.

The Tariffs for the period April to June 2022 are attributed to the following Factors:

  • The expected increment in Electricity demand at an annual rate of 11.6% in 2022, with total energy purchased by UETCL expected to be 1,398.81 GWh.
  • The average water release at the Nalubaale/Kiira generation complex projected at 1,000 Cubic meters per second (cumecs) for the year 2022, translating into an average generation capacity of 150 MW from Nalubaale/Kiira and 163.8 MW from Bujagali Energy Limited.
  • Appreciation of the Uganda Shilling against the United States Dollar from Ush/USD 3,564.09 recorded and published on 30th November 2021 by Bank of Uganda and as used in the determination of the 2022 Annual Base Tariffs to Ush/USD 3,538.96 as published by Bank of Uganda at 28th February 2022, representing an appreciation of 0.71%.
  • An increment in the Core Consumer Price Index from 115.35 as reported by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics for November 2021 to 116.52 for February 2022, representing a 1.01% increment.
  • Increment in the International Fuel Prices for crude oil. The International Prices for crude oil for February 2022 were recorded at USD 94.22 per barrel compared to USD 80.37 per barrel used in the determination of the 2022 Annual Base Tariffs, representing a 17.2% increment from the Base Period.

The New Tariffs apply to all Electricity Consumer Bills raised by Umeme Limited, based on Meter Readings and Yaka purchases taken in the period April to June 2022.

See Tariff Schedule here