Between the 21st and 22nd of September 2022, ERA’s Installation Permits Committee (IPC) certified 61 (Sixty-One) PawaKapos (electricians) in Gulu City.

The PawaKapos were certified and issued with Electrical Installation Permits of Classes; B, C, D, and Z. According to IPC, the certified Pawakapos can now carry out Domestic and Industrial Electrical Installation Works within Gulu City and other parts of the country.

Before certification, PawaKapos were sensitized about the procedure for application for Electrical Installation Permits, knowledge of proper and acceptable earthing, wiring regulations, cable sizing, and quality of materials. They were also equipped with practical skills in Electrical Installation.

According to the Committee, sensitization was done to refresh Pawakapos' knowledge and bring them to speed with current trends in wiring, to enable them to operate efficiently and effectively.

While addressing the PawaKapos after Certification, the Committee noted that Pawakapos need to be cautious while doing their work as a way of being professional and efficient.

Ms. Charlotte Kyohairwe the Principal Legal Officer at ERA, urged the PawaKapos to operate within the relevant laws that govern their profession, to avoid being culprits of related charges.

It is within ERA’s Mandate under Section 88 (1) and (2) of the Electricity (Amendment) Act, 2022, to certify all Electricians to ensure that they operate in a secure, professional, effective, and efficient manner.

Based on this Mandate, ERA conducts regional IPC activities, to grow the number of PawaKapos, especially for classes C and D because they provide domestic installation services.

Certification of Pawakapos is aimed at fueling the effective implementation of the Electricity Connections Policy that will see Uganda’s access rate increase to 60% Access by 2040.