On 7th of October 2022, the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) approved the New Electricity End-User Tariffs to be charged by Umeme Limited for the supply of Electrical Energy in the Billing Period of October to December 2022, with an increment in Tariffs across all consumer categories except for the Street Lighting Customer category.

The New Tariff schedule indicates an increment in Tariffs for Domestic Consumers to UGX 820.9 from UGX 747.5, Commercial Consumers to UGX 637.7 from UGX.580.6, Medium Industrial Consumers to UGX 482.3 from 439.1, Large Consumers to UGX 388.5 from 355.0 and Extra-Large Consumers to UGX. 328.5 from UGX.300.2. The Street Lighting Consumer category remained unchanged at UGX. 370.0.

ERA has also maintained the lifeline Tariff for Domestic Customers, specifically those who consume below 100 units in a month at UGX 250 for the First 15 Units, and the Fumba Tariff of UGX. 412.0 for a 70-Unit bundle, introduced at the start of this year to incentivize electric cooking and influence a shift from the use of biomass energy such as firewood and charcoal.

The approved Tariffs were determined in consideration of the changes in the Macro-Economic factors of; International Prices of Fuel, the Exchange Rate of the Uganda Shilling against the United States Dollar, the Core Consumer Price Index (Inflation), the Energy Generation Mix, and Costs approved by the ERA. These factors influenced the Tariffs as follows;

  1. The deprecation of the Uganda Shilling against the United States Dollar from Ush/USD 3,564.09 recorded and published on the 30th November 2021 by the Bank of Uganda and as used in the determination of the 2022 Annual Base Tariffs, to Ush/USD 3,810.74 at 31st August 2022. This represents a depreciation of 6.92% from the 2022 Base Exchange rate.
  2. Increment in the Core Consumer Price Index from 115.35 as reported by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics for November 2021 to 122.74 for August 2022 representing a 6.41% increase in the CPI.
  3. Increment in the International Fuel Prices for crude oil for Q3 2022 which was recorded at US$ 117.72 per barrel compared to US$ 80.37 per barrel used in the determination of the 2022 Annual Base Tariffs. This represented an increase in International Fuel Prices by 46.47% from the base period.
  4. The energy purchases by Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) for Q3 2022 is 1,371.98 GWh. During the third quarter of 2022, there was an increased dispatch of thermal generation, a reduction in generation by the Isimba Hydro Power plant, and a reduction in generation by mini-hydropower plants.

The New Tariffs apply to all Electricity Consumer Bills raised by Umeme Limited, based on Meter Readings and Yaka purchases taken in the period October to December 2022.

Follow the link below to access the full Tariff Schedule:

Q4 Tariff Schedule