West Nile Rural Electrification Company Limited (WENRECO) and Kalangala Infrastructure Services (KIS) Limited are the leading Off-Grid (generate and sell) Electricity Distributors in Uganda.

KIS operates a Hybrid Electricity Generation Plant comprising of 1.0 MW of Diesel and 0.6 MW of Solar PV. WENRECO on the other hand was majorly dependent on the 3.5MW Nyagak 1 Hydropower Plant until on 4th May 2019 when the Authority licensed 8MW Electromaxx Thermal Plant through Uganda Electricity Transmission Company (UETCL). This was aimed at supplementing dispatch from Nyangak in meeting the growing demand in the region. Therefore, generation from WENRECO here includes the dispatch from Nyangak 1 as well as energy purchased from UETCL.

Electricity Dispatch and Sales of the Licenced Offgrids

Overall, WENRECO and KIS generated/purchased 24GWh during the FY2019/20 of which 19.5GWh was sold to the end-users (domestic =29%, commercial=53%, and Industrial=18%). The sales of 2019/20 grew by 40% as compared to FY2018/19.