The total installed capacity as at end of December 2020 was 1,268.9MW of which 1,236.3MW supplies the main grid, 13.9MW is off the main grid and 18.7 MW is for own consumption which is mainly by the bagasse cogeneration plants. During the reporting period, a total of 8MW of Electromaxx was moved to Arua to supplement the dispatch from Nyangak-I in order to meet the growing demand of the region. Download Detailed Statistics Here


Key Stakeholders in the Electricity Supply Industry

Uganda’s current Electricity supply industry constitutes of 41 electricity generation companies (of which 33 export to the national grid and 6 Offgrid), one (1) transmission company (selling power to 7 domestic distributors and 4 foreign countries). As of the end of June 2020, the distribution companies (on-grid and off grids) served a total customer base of 1,463,288.