Off-Grid Generation and Distribution

Off-grid Power Plants are not connected to the national grid, thus they do not sell energy to Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited. They generate and sell their energy directly to the customers.

Nyagak 1 Hydropower Plant operated by West Nile Rural Electrification Company Limited (WENRECO) and Kalangala Infrastructure Services (KIS) operated by Kalangala Infrastructure Services (KIS) Limited are the largest off-grid power plants with installation capacities of 3.5 MW and 1.6 MW.

There are smaller off-grid plants operated by Kisiizi Hospital Company Limited, Absolute Energy Limited, Bwindi Community Micro Hydropower Limited, and Pamoja Energy Limited, among other companies. The performance of these plants during 2018 is not reported on as they are Licence-Exempted companies with less stringent reporting requirements.

Energy Sales by the major Off-Grids

WENRECO, the leading off-grid, generated and sold about 16.5 GWh to the end users in 2018, whereas Kalangala Infrastructure Services generated and sold about 1.4 GWh to the end users. Download Detailed Statistics Here