Energy Purchases

During 2018, UETCL purchased 4,078.5 GWh as compared to 3,867.1 GWh purchased in 2017, signifying a 5% increment.

By source, about 3,157.5 GWh (77%) of UETCL’s energy purchases were from the Large Hydro Power Plants; 444.4 GWh (11%) from the Mini-Hydro Power Plants; 206.5 GWh (5%) from Bagasse co-generation; 198.9 GWh (5%) from Thermal Plants; 32.3 GWh (1%) from Solar PV and 39.0 GWh (1%) imported from the neighboring countries of Rwanda and Kenya.

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Energy Sales

UETCL sells its power to both local distribution utilities and neighbouring countries (Tanzania, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo). UETCL sold 3,925.4 GWh in 2018 as compared to 3,715.9 GWh sold in 2017, signifying a 6% increment.

In 2018, UETCL made most of the energy sales (92%) to Umeme Limited, while the sales to other distribution utilities and exports constituted about 2% and 6%, respectively.

Transmission Energy Losses

Energy Losses are computed as the difference between the energy purchased and energy sold. During 2018, UETCL lost about 3.8% of the energy purchased.


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