Transmission Energy Purchases and Sales

In 2022, UETCL energy purchases amounted to 5,490 GWh and sales to 5,224 GWh. In the year 2021, UETCL experienced some growth in energy purchases and sales recovering from the impact of the COVID–19 pandemic. It is important to note that the industry has a continued recovery trend registering more growth in 2022

Energy Mix

The energy mix is computed as a proportion of energy purchases from different technology supplies. In 2022, Hydro energy sources (Large Hydro =76.2%, small hydro =13.5%) constituted the largest percentage (89.7%) of transmission purchases, and other energy sources constituted only 10.3%. Overall, almost all of the energy supply was from renewable energy sources (hydro, bagasse, and solar) constituting 98.1% with only 0.5% being imported.

Transmission Energy Losses

Transmission energy losses are computed as a percentage of energy purchased but not sold. The transmission energy losses gradually increased over the period from 2019 at 3.6% and peaking in 2022 at 4.8%. This is highest transmission loss over the last 5 years.

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