The Government of Uganda in 2007, instituted the Renewable Energy Policy, which set ambitious targets and created innovative financing mechanisms, such as targeted subsidies and a Renewable Energy Feed in Tariff (REFiT) to meet them. This REFIT covered renewable Energy technologies not exceeding 20MW of capacity. The ERA recognized the need to continuously review and update the REFIT in line with any changes in market conditions including Laws, Policies, technology, prices of Materials, and cost of capital among others. With that background, this REFiT has since 2010 routinely been revised by ERA.

In May 2022, the Electricity Act 1999 was amended, which culminated in the Electricity Amendment Act 2022. In this Amendment, the capacity under the REFiT was revised upwards from a maximum of 20MW to 50MW.

Following the Consultative review, Revision, and update of the REFiT Phase V in June 2023, the Authority at its 391st Meeting Approved the REFiT Phase VI as prescribed in the following sections.

Linear Tariffs

To reduce the negative impacts of a stepped tariff, a linear tariff, based on the actual installed capacity, was developed for hydro, Solar PV, and Wind projects (5MW to 50 MW).  This is described in tables A2, A3, and A4.