Transmission Energy Purchases and Sales

Maximum demand measures the highest level of electrical power demand registered in a particular period. During the review period, Maximum demand increased from 843.0 MW in 2022 to 987.8MW registered in December 2023 which represents a 17% growth rate.

Transmission Energy Losses

Transmission energy losses are computed as a percentage of energy purchased but not sold. The transmission energy losses remained constant between 2022 and 2023 at 4.8%

Energy Mix

The energy mix is computed as a proportion of energy purchases from different technology supplies. In 2023, Hydro electricity sources (Large Hydro =78.8%, small hydro =14.5%) constituted the largest percentage (93.4%) of transmission purchases, and other energy sources constituted only 6.6%. Only 0.7% of UETCL’s purchases were imports.

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