ERA has the following for consumers:

  1. The Authority has a fully established unit for consumer Affairs. Handling consumer concerns, complaints, sensitization/consumer education materials etc.
  2. The following consumer protection measures are in place which include: Customer Complaints Handling Procedures;
  3. Approved Quality of Service Standards for Distribution companies
  4. ERA signed a Memorandum of Understating with the Uganda National Bureau of Standards(UNBS) to ensure that the quality of electrical materials/appliances/cables imported in the country meet the required standards, customers who would like their meters to be tested by independent bodies can take their meters to UNBS for testing.
  5. The Authority has embarked on numerous public enlightenment campaigns under Consumer sensitization/awareness programs enlightening consumers on their rights and obligations.
  6. The Authority has established a number of regulations to aid the day today management of the electricity supply (The Electricity Grid Code 2003, Safety Code 2003, Quality of Service Code 2003 and Quality of Service Standards 2015) which guides the Distribution, Generation and Transmission of electricity supply in the sector).